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Prevent spin-out crashes with these driving tips

It happens something like this: You're driving down the highway at 60 mph, well within the speed limit. Suddenly, a car tries to change lanes into the path of your vehicle. You jerk your steering wheel to get out of the way, and your car starts to spin a little too far to the left.

In most circumstances, drivers will automatically jerk their steering wheel to the right to counteract the spin-out, but it's easy to overcorrect. After an overcorrection, your car starts to spin out of control in the other direction and a serious, potentially-fatal accident ensues.

Do you have abdomen pain after a car accident?

Car accidents happen each and every day, coming as an unwelcome surprise to thousands of individuals each year. While some car accidents seem only to result in annoying vehicle damage, these same accidents may still deal serious injuries to the drivers and passengers involved.

Often, in a car accident, people receive an injury that they may not feel at the scene of the accident and which is not visible. These injuries, known as delayed onset injuries, are a very real, serious threat.

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