A mild brain injury can cause major destruction

Whether a blow to the head occurs during a car accident, on the job, or somewhere else, it may produce a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Many people may assume that such an injury is not that serious, perhaps because the word "mild" is a part of its title, but they could not be more wrong.

Mild TBIs are often just as destructive as more serious brain injuries in the long run, because victims may not recognize that they suffered an injury at all until the symptoms have already caused a great deal of damage to their personal and professional lives.

Mild TBIs are difficult to identify, leading many victims to recover slowly over time without proper treatment, while their symptoms accumulate to potentially disastrous results. Without profession medical attention and proper treatment, these symptoms may last up to a year after the injury first occurs.

If you suspect that you or someone you love suffers from a mild TBI, do not wait to seek out professional medical attention and consider the legal options you have to pursue complete compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. An attorney who practices personal injury law can guide you as you examine the circumstances of your injury and create a recovery strategy that protects your rights and interests.

Personality changes

Our brains are the organs that determine our personalities, behavior and understanding. Whenever a person suffers an injury to the brain, he or she may experience notable shifts in personality, ability to react acceptably in stressful situations or even basic cognitive functions.

This may take many forms. For instance, mild TBI victims often find it very difficult to focus on tasks at work that were easy or at least familiar before the injury. A worker in a factory may struggle to perform a task that he or she performed for months or years on an assembly line, or a worker in an office environment may struggle to operate software he or she previously felt comfortable operating.

In addition, mild TBIs often cause victims to react in surprisingly volatile ways, often beyond their control. A worker who struggles to complete a familiar task may grow angry about the difficulty quickly, lashing out at other workers, or damaging tools or supplies used in the task.

If employers or coworkers do not clearly understand the seriousness of the victim's injury, and do not understand how the symptoms affect the victim, this behavior may quickly end the victim's employment.

Get the help you need as soon as you can

If you suffer from a mild TBI, please get medical assistance as soon as you can. The sooner you identify your injury and begin treatment, the sooner you can begin the journey of recovering and reclaiming your old life.

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