Do you have abdomen pain after a car accident?

Car accidents happen each and every day, coming as an unwelcome surprise to thousands of individuals each year. While some car accidents seem only to result in annoying vehicle damage, these same accidents may still deal serious injuries to the drivers and passengers involved.

Often, in a car accident, people receive an injury that they may not feel at the scene of the accident and which is not visible. These injuries, known as delayed onset injuries, are a very real, serious threat.

Many kinds of injuries may not cause pain initially, such as whiplash, spinal cord injuries or even a blow to the head. However, in most cases, these injuries do not frequently pose life threatening danger, despite the immense amount of pain sometimes involved. This is not the case with abdominal pain.

If you recently experienced a car accident and now feel abdominal pain, you should stop what you are doing and go to a hospital or urgent care facility. Doing so may save your life. After any accident, always make sure that you have the medical care and legal guidance you need to remain healthy and protect your rights.

Abdominal pain may indicate life-threatening danger

Delayed abdominal pain after an accident is a very serious situation. While it is not possible to know exactly what causes your pain until you go see a medical professional, some of the possibilities are quite frightening.

Abdominal pain often indicates one of two very serious injuries -- internal bleeding or organ damage, or possibly both.

Internal bleeding may sound like a relatively minor thing. After all, as a guy in a sitcom might say, "That's where the blood is supposed to be!" While it is technically true that your blood is supposed to be inside your body, if you are bleeding freely in your abdomen, you are at serious risk of losing too much blood within circulation to keep up organ and brain functions.

Also, instances of internal bleeding commonly lead to infections entering the bloodstream where they can travel freely throughout the body. This condition can quickly turn fatal.

Similarly, you may feel abdominal pain some time after an accident if you suffered some form of organ damage. Organ damage is never good, but if left untended by a medical professional, it may lead to organs failing completely, which is fatal.

If any of these symptoms reflect your experience, do not wait to seek help today. Without proper care, you may put your life at risk.

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