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Road doze: Do not drive when tired

You put in a solid 10 hours at work. It's not for the overtime pay, though you don't mind it. You just have so much to do. You got up early to work out and then stayed late at the office, so now you're driving home in the dark.

As you go, you feel your eyes getting heavy. You try turning on the radio, but the music just makes it worse. You keep looking at the GPS, watching the countdown until you get to your house. It seems so far.

Avoiding commercial truck accidents

In the modern world, it is virtually impossible to do much driving without sharing the road with large commercial vehicles. While large trucks do provide an important link in our systems of commerce, when regular drivers and large trucks are both involved in accidents, the results can be catastrophic.

In the wake of an accident, the victims must build a strong legal strategy to recover fair compensation for injuries and property damage. From the moment the accident occurs, building a claim and pursuing it to a fair resolution can take months or even years, and physical recovery may prove very difficult. Victims of large commercial truck accidents should protect their rights and priorities immediately with the law, but the best protection is often avoiding the accident altogether.

Pennsylvania drivers at risk of many distractions

If you could avoid a serious accident that injures you, your family members or others on the road, wouldn't you do everything in your power to prevent its occurrence? As it turns out, when distracted driving is the cause of an accident, in most cases, drivers have that ability.

To really drive this point home, consider that by some estimates, a quarter of all traffic deaths are related to driver distractions. While cellphone usage is a frequent culprit, by far the biggest source of distraction for motorists is their own thoughts.

Defensive driving tips to help avoid car accidents

Driving is a serious risk. Many people never do anything else that leads to the same high level of fatalities and serious injuries suffered on Pennsylvania's roads every year. No matter how safe your vehicle is, getting behind the wheel could be the most dangerous activity of your life.

You do not have to blindly accept this risk. There are steps you can take to keep yourself safe and prevent accidents. A few examples include:

A mild brain injury can cause major destruction

Whether a blow to the head occurs during a car accident, on the job, or somewhere else, it may produce a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Many people may assume that such an injury is not that serious, perhaps because the word "mild" is a part of its title, but they could not be more wrong.

Mild TBIs are often just as destructive as more serious brain injuries in the long run, because victims may not recognize that they suffered an injury at all until the symptoms have already caused a great deal of damage to their personal and professional lives.

Prevent spin-out crashes with these driving tips

It happens something like this: You're driving down the highway at 60 mph, well within the speed limit. Suddenly, a car tries to change lanes into the path of your vehicle. You jerk your steering wheel to get out of the way, and your car starts to spin a little too far to the left.

In most circumstances, drivers will automatically jerk their steering wheel to the right to counteract the spin-out, but it's easy to overcorrect. After an overcorrection, your car starts to spin out of control in the other direction and a serious, potentially-fatal accident ensues.

Do you have abdomen pain after a car accident?

Car accidents happen each and every day, coming as an unwelcome surprise to thousands of individuals each year. While some car accidents seem only to result in annoying vehicle damage, these same accidents may still deal serious injuries to the drivers and passengers involved.

Often, in a car accident, people receive an injury that they may not feel at the scene of the accident and which is not visible. These injuries, known as delayed onset injuries, are a very real, serious threat.

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