Why Trial Experience Matters

A serious injury — no matter how it was caused — can infiltrate every aspect of your life. Your work, your family, your mobility, your enjoyment of life and others can all suffer after a serious accident.

While receiving fair compensation through a personal injury claim cannot change what happened to you, the outcome of your claim is important. The amount of compensation you receive can directly impact your long-term stability and your future livelihood. It is important to go through the process knowing you are prepared for any possibility.

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Who Do You Want On Your Side?

Even though most personal injury matters do not go to trial, your lawyer should be ready if yours does. Some skills are acquired through practice and repetition. The more you do something, the more likely you are to succeed at it. On top of that, you may also become more comfortable navigating the process.

As you consider who you want to represent you during this difficult time, it is worth considering trial experience. Do you want your attorney to be comfortable in the courtroom? To be prepared based on experience? To be respected by others in the judicial system?

This is what you will get when you work with attorney Mitchell Clair. With 30 years of legal experience in Pennsylvania, he has successfully represented numerous injury victims in trial, and he is prepared to fight for you, too.

It's Not Just About Trial

Trial experience is not only applicable during a trial. Having trial experience means that your lawyer knows how to meticulously prepare for anything. By building a strong case for compensation upfront, your lawyer may be more likely to reach a favorable settlement without having to take your case through a trial.

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