We Can Help With Job-Related Accident Claims

Most injured workers understand that the Pennsylvania workers' compensation system is available to help cover the lost income and medical expenses related to a workplace accident. Once you've been through the workers' comp system, you'll come to realize that it won't cover all of your losses, such as pain and suffering.

At The Law Offices of Mitchell Clair in Blue Bell, we help people throughout Montgomery County, including in Norristown and Lafayette Hill, with job-related accident claims pursue personal injury litigation in cases where the negligence of someone other than the employer contributed to the accident.

Helping You File Third-Party Claims

Personal injury attorney Mitchell Clair advises injured workers about their right to sue negligent third parties for personal injury damages as a source of compensation over and above workers' comp benefits. The defendant might be a manufacturer, a supplier, a contractor, a property owner or a driver.

Many different kinds of workplace accidents can support personal injury litigation under the right circumstances. These include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents suffered while driving in the course of employment
  • Construction accidents caused by the negligence of someone other than the injured worker's employer
  • Industrial equipment accidents and defective product claims
  • Injuries caused by environmental accidents, toxic chemical exposure or serious infections
  • Repair or maintenance worker injuries suffered at a customer's site
  • Burn injuries suffered in fires, explosions or electrical accidents
  • Brain injuries caused by falls from heights or blows from blunt objects
  • Spinal cord injuries in truck or van accidents
  • Severe hand or foot injuries resulting in an extended period of disability

We can help you seek compensation for chronic injuries and occupational illnesses as well as traumatic accidents.

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