Helping You Understand Limited Vs. Full Tort Insurance

Understanding the differences between full tort insurance coverage and limited tort insurance coverage can be a daunting task. At The Law Offices of Mitchell Clair, we will cover these differences with you, explain which type you currently have and pursue your claims accordingly.

Lawyer Mitchell Clair worked on the committee that updated the law relating to full tort coverage and limited tort injury thresholds in insurance litigation. You can rely on our 30 years of experience to resolve your personal injury and insurance claims.

Our goal is to help you understand your situation and to recover the financial compensation you need to cover the full extent of your losses.

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What Is Limited Tort Insurance?

Limited tort was established in order to cut down on lawsuits and pass the savings on to the insured individual. Limited tort customers spend less on their policy in exchange for giving up some of their rights to sue the person responsible for their accident. However, you can still sue for:

  • Unpaid medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering for serious injuries

What you can sue for often turns on the definition of what a serious personal injury actually is. At our personal injury law firm, we have an extensive understanding of these injury and insurance laws. We will fight to ensure you obtain the compensation you need for your losses.

What Is Full Tort Insurance?

Full tort insurance coverage allows individuals to sue the person responsible for their accident regardless of the seriousness of the injuries. These plans often cost more, but the benefits of being able to recover for your injuries may outweigh the savings of the limited tort plan. Regardless of which plan you own, we will analyze all of your options and answer any questions you may have.

Discuss Your Case In A Free Consultation

If you have questions regarding your tort insurance coverage or any injuries you have sustained in an accident, we can help. We offer free consultations and accept cases on a contingent-fee basis. That means you only pay an attorney's fee if we recover compensation on your behalf.

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