When Auto Component Failure Plays A Role In An Accident

The best strategies to pursue for negligence damages following a car accident will often reflect the practical realities of your situation. For example, if you miss a few weeks of work with multiple fractures that will all heal completely, there's a good chance that the other driver's liability insurance and your own underinsured motorist coverage together will meet your full losses.

At The Law Offices of Mitchell Clair, we can help you navigate a personal injury claim if you were injured because of a defective auto product. Our goal is always to help you obtain the compensation you need to recover. We serve clients in Blue Bell, Lafayette Hill and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

Private Car Insurance Might Not Cover All Damages Suffered In An Accident

Although it might not be easy to get the insurance companies to see the case your way, you probably won't have to worry about a shortfall between your damages and the available insurance coverage. If the accident resulted in a permanent or disabling spinal cord injury or loss of brain function, however, your total damages might easily run into seven figures. Private auto insurance will almost certainly fall far short of what you'll need to support an extended period of disability.

The most serious accident cases need the attention of a lawyer who can look beyond the basic negligence facts of the accident to find the additional sources of compensation necessary to cover the full range of your losses. In many cases, the manufacturer or distributor of a defective component can represent that additional source of compensation.

Contact The Law Offices of Mitchell Clair to learn how the possibility of a products liability claim can help you achieve a full financial recovery in a serious car accident. Attorney Mitchell Clair's experience with the investigation and proof of auto component defect cases can protect your practical ability to recover damages in the necessary amount whenever the evidence points to any of the following as a contributing factor in the accident:

  • Tire blowout
  • Seat belt or air bag failure
  • Door failure
  • Poor crashworthiness due to substandard roof or frame design
  • Unintended acceleration combined with brake failure

Product defect claims in automobile or SUV accident litigation can go far to protect an accident victim's interest in full compensation, but these cases can be expensive to develop. Expert investigation and testimony will normally be necessary to show that an accident was caused by a component failure. Experts will also need to describe how the design defect or error in production methods could have been avoided.

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