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Damages Claims for Train, Bus or Trolley Accidents

At the Law Offices of Mitchell Clair, we have extensive experience with the recovery of damages related to public transportation accidents. Most frequently, the defendant is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), a public agency of the commonwealth that operates bus, subway, commuter rail and trolley lines throughout the region, including in Norristown, Germantown, Chestnut Hill, Montgomery County and Bucks County.

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As a public entity, SEPTA is protected by statutory damages caps and short deadlines for notice of claims before filing suit. Nevertheless, personal injury attorney Mitchell Clair has successfully represented many people with injury claims suffered through negligent public transit operations in Montgomery County, Bucks County and Delaware County.

Typical accident scenarios include:

  • Traffic accidents involving buses or trains
  • Train derailment injuries
  • Crossing accidents involving bicycles or pedestrians
  • Accidents while entering or leaving a transit vehicle, such as when a passenger gets caught in the door
  • Injuries suffered at stations or platforms
  • Injuries suffered in station or platform construction or maintenance zones
  • Sudden stops or turning at unsafe speeds
  • Fatal injuries suffered in public transportation

Aside from the damages limits for pain and suffering or other noneconomic losses, and the requirement that notice of claim must be filed within 90 days of the accident as a condition of filing a lawsuit, negligence claims against SEPTA proceed in much the same way as other motor vehicle accident claims. You need to show that your injuries resulted from the defendant's negligence, and you need to prove the amount of your losses in a specific amount through proper evidence.

SEPTA Accident Attorney

For dependable advice about your legal options in the aftermath of injuries suffered through negligent SEPTA operations, discuss your case with an experienced accident litigation attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Mitchell Clair in Blue Bell for a free consultation.